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DJ Symbiosis got taught to mix around 1998 when he was clubbing to UK Garage, but a combination of no money for decks and the fact that little kids in the street were singing “Sweet Like Chocolate”, meant he had to give it up.

The millennium came and he had his first experience of The Fridge and Escape From Samsara. That ignited his passion for uplifting, intelligent hard house and trance. That same year he worked the summer in a bar in Malia, Crete. He can’t remember how many times he argued with the owner about what time he should start playing “songs you can sing to!”, But just because it was a karaoke bar, didn’t stop him from wanting to mix and express himself. It was two years after he came back before he got his first set of decks, a pair of square “professional belt driven turntables” all for the princely sum of £5. Says it all really.

DJ Symbiosis then went on to play a couple of nights in Gillingham with a close friend and countless house parties. Now though, since winning the Spiritualised DJ competition earlier this year, he has been deeply involved with their party and is now one of their rotating residents. He has also played at Basic, Bedlam, Rough N Tough and with more dates lined up at more nights including Basic, Oblivion and Subsonica the future looks bright indeed.

After completely upgrading his whole setup and working hard, but looking ahead, he is continuing to develop his sound, taking his influences from across the Trance and Hard Dance spectrum and from DJs like Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Jace, Mark Sinclair and Steve Hill to name but a few.

Recently, he has also begun to write club reviews and interviews for Harderfaster.net, which has given him another different way to express himself within the scene that he loves so much.

Finally DJ Symbiosis believes 'a DJ is part of an important balance. Playing great tracks and bouncing off a crowd who are bouncing off the music. A perfect harmony. A symbiosis. All living, breathing and travelling together'.

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