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Born in Norway (Stavanger).
Lets start.. not too far back in time hehe...
For 5 years (until 2002) I was working as a Teacher in secondary school back in Norway. The subjects were Music, Art, Media and PE. I also have 2-3 other educations and have worked almost everywhere. Did some pofessional dancing and modelling as well back in the days.
Music has always been a passion stronger than anything in my life. After years and years listening to dj's on cd's, travelling far and often to experience some of the worlds best dj's live, something strange happened..
My friends had a party and there was decks in their house (not often to be seen in Norwegian homes), and they pushed me to have a go. I said no because I had never tryed mixing before and felt stupid. They didn't give up, and finally (Nov 2001) I had my first spinn ever! Surprizing as it all was, I had 20 min perfect beatmatch and the mixer practically spoke to me. I loved it!
Two weeks later I had my first gig in Haugesund for 150 people, then another one 1st of Dec in Sandnes at a big rave right after. I bought 40 records in London before that gig, and fell in love with the city of course.
It didn't take long before I decided to quit my job, sell my flat and move to London. Finally I could live my passion, and nothing can ever make people more happy i guess.
London became my home 9th of July 2002, and I had my first (payed) gig here 26th of July.It was very hard in the beginning, but now I can honestly say that I'm extremely pleased with how it's all so groovy and almost unreal..

Here is a list of my gigs:

24th of November 2001: "Krashna" nightclub in Haugesund, Norway Played house and prog from a friend rec collection. 150 people
01st of December 2001: "Locomotivet" in Sandnes, Norway. Played my new rec from London in 3 music styles. Deadly nervous but happy as never before I rocked it for 200 people with DJ Astrid (Holland)
09th of July 2002 : Moved to London after hard work with demos and preparing my new life.
26th of July 2002: "Platform One Bar" Acton, London. Did a deep tribal and tribal funky set from 8-9.30pm with DJ Monica.
09th of August 2002: "Platform One Bar" Acton, London. Set was later this time so I got people grooving to some funky prog.
25th of August 2002: "Moonman" Acton, London . Second to last set at the party for Notting Hill Carnival. Massive house, buildup from tribal, funky, prog and some slamming techno in the end.
18th of October 2002: "Fevah Sublime" Heaven Charing Cross, London. Did a tribal set in the VIP room, and that was a wicked night.
26th of October 2002: "RAW" Boatparty, London The funky room downstairs on the boat was a new experience and it's always nice to be asked back again as well.
22nd of November 2002: "Pukka Up" preparty, Ember in Farringdon. Warming up the people for a funky night at Turnmills.
30th of November 2002: "RAW" Boatparty, London
06th of December 2002: "Prince of Wales" Brixton, London
21st of December 2002: "RAW" Boatparty, London
27th of December 2002: "Pukka Up" Turnmills, Farringdon London. Played in room 3 with Scott Giles, Neil Hodgson, Itchey Fingers
January 2003: "Cyberdogs Xmasparty" Purple Turtle, London. With Phil Able and *Ting*
January-February 2003: Trip home to Norway
15th of February 2003: "RAW" Boatparty, London
1st of March 2003: "SMILE" Viaduct, London.Played last 2 hours in the funky room. Wicked b2b with L.M.T
15th of March 2003: "Teknoworld" The Fridge, Brixton, London Driving deep prog, and funky techy stuff in end. Played after Anthony Mad and before Sovlent + Sexstacy vs Green Vapor
28th of March 2003: "Prince of Wales" Brixton, London
9th of April 2003 Avin.it/chilled Purple Turtle
11th of April 2003 Prince of Wales
20th of April 2003 Fevah Cyberdance (room2) The Fridge
23rd of April 2003 Avin.it/chilled Purple Turtle
26th of April 2003 Raw Boatpary
16th of May 2003 Antiworld (room 2) The Fridge
1st of June 2003 Upstream Boat Party from Temple Pier

The rest are on the list of my previous gigs here on HarderFaster.net
As you might have seen already I play lots of different music styles. Mainly revolving house in different dresses. Deep, tribal, prog, dirty,funky or tech house. Trying out some funky techno as well at the moment. I guess the sound I have developed through my short time in the business just always will come down to those massive, funky, deep and kicking basslines.
To get the latest news/info about where I am playing next have a look at my website -

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