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Fergus De Witt

Fergus De Witt started to frequent techno parties such as Lost, Eurobeat 2000 & Voyager at the Complex, which was widely talked about as the best events held in the UK back in the mid-late nineties.
Fergus was mixing from a very early age compared to many DJs and managed to perform on a club stage still in his teens, and rightly so with this guys tight mixing and stunning technical ability.
With performances at venues such as the Mass & Adrenaline Village, as well as starting his own promotion called Sabotage at The Viaduct (where he established Centurian onto the club circuit back in 2001), he also showcased artists such as 12” Thumpers and a key player in the React stable as well as more party people from the Complex, of which we’ll be showcasing at Alliance events.
Now settling down with his new-born-baby & girlfriend, he hasn’t found too much time for club life, but we’ve put a bit of a stop to that and decided to return the favour and re-emerge this DJ & promoter into the realms of the underground.

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