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DJ Centurian

Emerging at all levels; DJ Centurian has been striving to establish various projects and ideas within the creative industries and has been gaining ample knowledge of large-scale events. Since being established as a club DJ in February 2001, he spent two years in education & studied the music industry at a practical level. Completing all tasks to a high standard, he's managed to perform at various locations in London & the UK, as well a radio slot on licensed airwaves.

Now a very ambitious young man indeed & a part of the ES Collective (otherwise known as Antiworld), he's developed an understanding of various services within the music and events industry and is always striving to realize his goals.

Through this promotion, Alan has a key role in the running of the business and has performed on stage with some of the world's largest dance music artists, with numerous crew appearances at some of the most extravagant venues. Click onAntiworld.netfor more details.

Not content with crewing, Centurian decided to work on a concept that had been waiting for more attention. Initially course-work, the concept mutated into a project and was officially established on June 4th 2005. Club Republic (held at the Seone Complex) was a 3000 capacity event where the Alliance hosted one of the rooms, all showcasing some of Europe's leading dance music artists and performers.

The Alliance was born, two of London's finest promotions for hard house & hardcore brought the Alliance to a new level at club Koko (formally Camden Palace) as well as another promotion called the Alliance UK emanating in Birmingham.

He says: "Well, it was a bit annoying at first because I didn't register the trade-mark so there wasn't much I could do about it, I didn't expect anyone to take much notice, but I always try to see it as a good thing…"

He continues: "Firstly, the learning curve; then to establish the event and see at least two other promotions crop up within months of advertising, it says to me that it's a popular name. I also like the fact that the Alliance is rearing it's head up and down the country and that more than one concept is being taken on board, I see it as expansion."

Now concentrating on Antiworld, Alan is slowly bringing more of those ideas into reality and is currently working on some hidden agendas mainly to do with the Alliance website and the distribution of dance music and industry advertising.

Centurian is also a regular fixture for a small party called Nuclear Free Zone; one of the longest running techno parties in London, established by Cloggi, Rokkit & Stay Up Forever's very own Aaron Liberator, he's very proud to be performing alongside London's legendary UK artists that have taken the world-wide underground movement by storm. He's also performed numerous showcases with Nrgized promotions and various other guest appearances at individual events.

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