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The Buzzjakkerz

Phat Nick Rock & Dan Dmak first met in December 1999 after being introduced by mutual friends. Their interest and love of music production sparked a partnership which took five years of developing the skills of audio decimation to get them where they are today.

Dan Dmak guided the new boy Phat Nick Rock on the ins and out of music production, whilst continuing on his own sound. Phat Nick Rock then spent the next year producing Hip Hop for Farnborough’s very own wannabe Gangster “Master K”, working closely with Dan Dmak. Frustrated with the limitations of producing a genre of music that was not his own, Phat Nick Rock and Dan Dmak rejoined forces to develop and find their own calling. Originally naming themselves “Crowd Control”, Phat Nick Rock & Dan Dmak developed their sound of Dance music, producing everything from Breaks to Funky House and Drum'n'Bass to Hard House.

At the beginning of 2004, Phat Nick Rock & Dan Dmak became known as “The Buzzjakkerz” due to a fruitful and sober night at Fabric, where their science experiment was accomplished of jacking everyone else’s high. Their style of music started to fall into place and they were given their first break through DJ Miss XS, who after hearing the first track on offer “Twisted Fridge” had no hesitation in giving it a place in her record box. With the help of Miss XS “Twisted Fridge” has been rocking the airwaves and clubs bringing clubbers to their knees as the bass penetrates their chests and the dance floor collapses beneath their feet.

The Buzzjakkerz are now currently working on the live set “First Impression” which will be bought to the stage early 2005 and promises to bring a tear to your eyes with their unique sounds which hold no limitation. They are on their way up with interest flooding in from several labels interested on what they have to offer. So watch this space for The Buzzjakkerz “First Impression” you will not be disappointed!!!

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