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DJ Bobbi Candi

There was a day when ravers didn't really care who was DJ'ing as long as the music was consistently pumping.
Slowly, the anonymous disc spinners became overnight legends musical magicians and icons to be worshipped; they were priceless testimonies to the elusive sounds of the dance floor.
People danced to the rhythm of the beat for hours feeling the high wishing another track would come before it ended this is dance.

Bobbi Candi was born in Vancouver, Canada, and has been DJing for 5 years. He has played in some of the top clubs in Vancouver and Whistler including; 7th Alexander, Tommy Africa’s and Club Rio and has had a chance to play alongside some of Vancouver's top talent including Kyle Joygazm, DJ Sky and Jessy J.

In 2001 Bobbi moved to London, UK to further himself as a club/party DJ and his sounds have enabled him to play underground raves and local clubs and bars throughout London. Bobbi finished up the year 2002 by moving into the studio with a chance to learn dance music production, with none other than two of the originators of Hard House - Baby Doc & Miss SJ.

Whilst living in London (UK) Bobbi moved into the studio with a chance to learn dance music production, with none other than one of the pioneers of Hard House (Baby Doc) This dynamic producer has been pioneering Hard House since the early 90's and continues to push the music for the harder generation. Now after watching people like Baby Doc/Four Star Freaks producing in the studio Bobbi has plans to release his own record label full of his own productions.

DJ Bobbi Candi/Grant Rothchild
www.bobbicandi.com & Candywax Music Coming soon

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